About R. Lloyd & Company

For over 40 years, R. Lloyd & Company has made it our mission to service the accounting and financial needs of businesses, families, and individuals. Rick Lloyd joined Phil Schouten’s accounting practice in February, 1980 and since that time our firm has grown to become a comprehensive provider of accounting, tax and financial services. Through our merger with Hagan Adler & Associates in December 2011 and R.J. Jakes & Associates in December 2013 we were further able to add to the depth and breadth of those services.

Over the years we have been with our clients through both good and trying times, but no matter the circumstances we have never lost sight of our clients’ goals and expectations. We rely on these varied experiences to deliver you the highest level of client service and professional expertise. The families that we serve deserve nothing less.

We understand that you have made great sacrifices and worked hard to achieve financial success. Your money is your son’s education, your daughter’s wedding, or your comfortable retirement. We are both honored and grateful when you partner with us in sharing the responsibility to maintain and further that success. It is our promise to do our best to earn the trust you have shown in us.

We are proud of our growth over the years because we know it is a direct reflection of the success of our clients. Furthermore, we are excited for the future and the promise it brings of our mutual success in the years ahead.